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A Classic Woman in a Changing World


What constitutes a classic?

If you instantly pictured a Dickens novel or a 1960s Camaro, well, you’re not wrong. A classic is something distinctive that doesn’t lose its appeal over the years. It’s something timeless, that continues to resonate long after its creation.

So in six millennia of human existence, what is classic womanhood? The world hasn’t really ever decided what to do with women. Throughout the ages and across cultures, women have been worshiped, abused, treated as property or bargaining chips, reverenced as the leaders of society. What constitutes a classic woman in a world that can’t make up its mind about us? Continue reading “A Classic Woman in a Changing World”

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Stuck in the Holding Pattern

From the first time you consciously commit your way to the Lord, your brain whirs into overdrive. Ideas for the future. Dreams of what you might do. Plans for getting there. Stories about your heroes who’ve done it before. You let the Lord lead you into all the preparatory stuff like college, connections, and specific tasks. You ace every checkpoint and soar into a place of infinite possibilities. You’re prepared! You’re available! You’re willing! And, uh, you need a place to land! Um, any time now! … Hello?

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Relationship Status: IRRELEVANT

The word “single” weirds me out just a little. Go to your church bookstore and pick up anything with the words “For Singles” on the cover, and you’ll find two main subjects: dating, and contenting yourself with God. Ditto for any kind of conference with a singles’ class. Now, I have no problem with either of those subjects; Lord knows, they need to be taught and learned and applied in our daily lives. But what if dating opportunities are nil? What if you’ve already learned contentment? Is that all I get?

The New Testament church tended to categorize believers into “aged” and “younger” (I’ll let you guys fight it out on who belongs in which group there), with some extra instructions for the married crowd. Nearly all of the Bible just applies, regardless of your marital status. But have you noticed? Today among many Christians, those groups have somehow morphed into “married” and “single”.

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