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6 Ways to Level Up in 2018

I know, I know, there’s nothing inherently “fresh” about January 1. It’s an arbitrary date where we throw away our old calendars, stay up entirely too late, tell lame jokes about “see you next year!”, and start a four-month process of writing the wrong year on our checks. It’s dreary and cold and entirely too brown. There’s no point trying to start a new diet in January when there’s enough leftover holiday junk in the fridge to feed a small country. So I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions.

I make “level-ups”. Continue reading “6 Ways to Level Up in 2018”

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A Classic Woman in a Changing World


What constitutes a classic?

If you instantly pictured a Dickens novel or a 1960s Camaro, well, you’re not wrong. A classic is something distinctive that doesn’t lose its appeal over the years. It’s something timeless, that continues to resonate long after its creation.

So in six millennia of human existence, what is classic womanhood? The world hasn’t really ever decided what to do with women. Throughout the ages and across cultures, women have been worshiped, abused, treated as property or bargaining chips, reverenced as the leaders of society. What constitutes a classic woman in a world that can’t make up its mind about us? Continue reading “A Classic Woman in a Changing World”

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God, You’re Cramping My Style

“Be yourself.”
“It so doesn’t matter who likes us… WE like us.”
“Embrace what makes you different.”

I’m living in a culture that embraces individuality – what you like trumps convention, what you think defines you is your identity, what you’re known for sums up who you really are. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. God did, in fact, give me a unique personality that He intends me to use for Him; He doesn’t expect me to fit neatly into a manmade box. Besides, I can’t necessarily control what everyone else thinks of me. Only God can see my heart, so as long as I know I’m doing OK, I can forget what anybody else thinks, right?

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