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In the Real Hero’s Shadow

Caleb’s name has been passed down through the ages as a courageous hero. His beloved Hebron is immortalized on thousands of church signs. You sing “I Want That Mountain” in church, inspired by his story. You know at least a few people named for him. But what if Caleb was… your dad?

You know the story. Joshua and Caleb were among those spying out Canaan, and would be the only two adults in faithless Israel to get to enter. Fast-forward 45 years: Joshua is now Moses’s successor, and is busy conquering Canaan. Caleb is now an old man, trying very hard to be patient as his tribe waits their turn for land allotments. He tells Joshua, “Moses promised me Hebron. I have been faithful to God and He’s kept me going. I’m still ready to fight. Can I please just have it now?” And Caleb the 85-year-old giant-killer charges into Hebron and possesses that thing.

Achsah (pronounced “ak-sa”) is Caleb’s daughter. Imagine growing up in Caleb’s shadow. You’ve heard him talk about giants and victory and Hebron your entire life. He spends his evenings telling you – again – about the amazing things he saw there. He’s ingrained it into you that fear, disobedience, and complaining are all roads to failure and misery. He’s stubbornly supported everything Moses and Joshua have ever said or done. You never get home from the tabernacle before dark because Dad’s volunteering the family for everything. But for all his annoying cheerfulness, you know unquestioningly that he is the greatest man you’ve ever known. He’s a hero to you – especially when he finally gets to defeat the sons of the giants and claim his beloved Hebron.

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Moving On (After You’ve Moved On)

Finances. Relationships. Work. Vehicles. Faucets. Rifts of every description, from a breakup to a church split. By this point in our lives, most of us are resigned to the fact that things don’t always run smoothly. In fact, “Things” are a lot like the pigs in Matthew 8; they’ve got a bad tendency to absorb every evil entity out there and go charging off a cliff with no regard to our opinions on the subject.  “Things” are as unpredictable and prone to trouble as first-graders on a field trip. We’re prepared to admit that. We feel we’re strong enough to hang on when the storm winds blow. We’re psyched up enough to just accept it and get on with our lives. That’s good, right?

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