You’ve Got a Fool In Me

You've Got a Fool In Me // If Ye Stand Fast

What is a fool to you?

The word carries different meanings to different people, and how you perceive it will determine what steps you take to avoid being one.

  • An idiot who makes stupid decisions.
  • Someone who runs his mouth about absolutely nothing.
  • The one who says in his heart that there is no God.
  • A person who disagrees, intelligently or not, with an opinion you hold strongly.
  • A medieval jester. (Definitely don’t be that guy.)

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27 MORE Ways You Know You’re a Ministry Brat

27 More Ways You Know You're a Ministry Brat // If Ye Stand Fast

I love being a child of God. I love being active in ministry. And I love that I’m blessed with a family that has always prioritized the house of God. Whether you’re a leader or a layperson, whether you’ve been faithful to an independent Baptist church since you were 7 or started active ministry at 70, rejoice. You belong to the unique crowd of motivated “ministry brats” that keep our buildings maintained and our cars, vans, and buses rolling.

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39 Ways You Know You’re a Ministry Brat

Whether you’re a preacher’s kid or a layman’s kid, or have just been active in an independent, fundamental Baptist church for a long time, rejoice: You’re not alone.

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